Milwaukee Brewers-moves to make at the trade deadline

I consider myself a very hardcore Brewer fan, and like anyone like myself I have my fingers crossed that this is finally the year. We addressed our pitching needs this off season, and the bats are certainly there to make a serious run. But looking at the trade deadline coming it, there is one thing I would like to see the Brewers do, make a trade for J.J Hardy. Maybe I am biased cause he was my favorite player. But Carlos Gomez to me certainly hasn’t been worth it. Betancourt certainly hasn’t cut it for me. Hardy is hitting .294 this year and has 12 home runs, 7 more than Betancourt and a significentatly higher average. Hardy always seemed to be a fan favorite and could help put more fans in the seats (not that that is an issue). I just want to get some feedback on this trade idea, as well as any others the Brewers should try and make!


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